Why do photographers cost so much?

Today I was reading through blogs and stumbled upon a post that said this:

“If you ask yourself why photographers “charge so much” for taking pictures…

They don’t get paid vacation, they don’t get paid sick days, they don’t get bonuses for outstanding performances nor for Christmas. They don’t have company health insurance plans nor do they qualify for unemployment. They pay for tons of insurance from liability to equipment and studio overhead.   They maintain thousands of dollars of equipment. They sacrifice their family on special days…so that they can bring happiness to others. Illness or personal affairs are not excuses for a bad photo. Next time you ask, remember that photographers are photogrpahers because of the love creating portraits, but that love doesn’t pay debts.”

Having read this, I realized, it’s so true! This Christmas wasn’t really a break for me at all. I worked through the holiday to finish wedding photos for my clients so they could have them to share with their families during the special time of year.  Keep in mind, we do all these things (work through Holidays, miss special events in our personal lives etc.) because we love our clients, and more importantly love capturing the moments that will last you forever. However, what most people don’t understand is the time, effort, and skill that is put into making your photos special for you. So next time you are looking to get your photos done and start looking at prices, remember how hard we work to bring you the best product!

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