Salt & Light Photography’s video department is proudly run by Brian Elliot, of Focused Story Films.


Focused Story Films and Salt & Light Photography partnered in 2016 so that Salt & Light could focus(no pun intended) solely on wedding photography, while Focused Story Films focuses on serving Salt & Light’s clients through beautiful videography.


Brian, the owner of Focused Story Films, is not only an incredible videographer, but a man with character and integrity to match. You’re in good hands with Brian, and whether we’ve spoken with you or not, we highly recommend you give him a shout when it comes to your wedding video needs.


Personal Note from Austin and Rachel:  Time and time again, we hear “Now that I’ve received my wedding video, I simply cannot imagine not having one.” We had a professional video done of our wedding as well, and we could not be more thankful. Now, our kids(and family for many generations to come) will be able to experience our wedding day as if they were there – how do you even begin to assign a value to this? We consider both wedding photos and videos, timeless treasures, that will be passed down in our family till the end of time.


Enjoy this beautiful video Brian filmed and produced for our of our 2016 couples, Brian and Shelby(their photos can be found here)


We love the video. We are feeling the feels! It is so special! We are very impressed with your ninja skills. We are still trying to figure out how you got some of those shots.” – Shelby”


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