Portrait Session Policies

By booking a Portrait Session with Salt and Light Photography, LLC, Client (You) hereby agree to abide by, and understand the following Policies, set forth by Salt and Light Photography, LLC, unless different terms are set forth prior to your session:

  1. You indemnify Salt and Light Photography LLC at all times of any and all liability that may be caused in result of contracting any of their services
  2. All portrait sessions must be paid in full to be considered “booked”
  3. The date of the shoot cannot be changed within 48 hours unless a major catastrophe has occurred, i.e. death in the family, extreme weather, etc.
  4. Should something happen within 48 hours, the shoot can be rescheduled for a $50.00 fee.
  5. Turn around time for photos is 3-5 weeks
  6. Acne re-touching is available for $10.00 per image. All other retouching requires a custom quote.
  7. Your session time cannot be moved. If you are late, you miss that many minutes from your session. (Starts at 6, ends at 7. If you arrive at 6:30, it still ends at 7) We recommend arriving early, just like you do when you go to the movies, so you don’t miss anything.*
  8. We do not provide props. If you want any, bring them to your session.
  9. Multiple locations are okay on one hour sessions. Travel time is considered part of the session
  10. Outfit changing time is considered part of the session.

Policies are subject to change.

*For marathon, or mini-session days, times may vary slightly