Mentoring Program

The Next Level Photographer Mentoring Program, brought to you by  Salt & Light Photography


Learn how to become a professional photographer with a viable business, in 12 weeks, without needing a photography or business degree.


Salt & Light Photography has now offered for almost FOUR years, a one of a kind, 12 week mentoring program for only 10 photographers each session, called “Next Level Photographer”. Because of our unique and personal approach, beginner and advanced photographers can both benefit greatly from this mentorship.


Are you just starting out and have nowhere, or noone to look to? Specifically someone who is already where you want to be?


Is it your dream to be a pro photographer and run your own business, but you can’t consistently book shoots at the prices you want to charge?


Are you an established photographer, but want to take things to the next level, without it taking years and years?


It can be tough to consistently find more business. Do you ever think to yourself “Why can’t my inbox and cell phone blow up with inquiries from my ideal clients?”

or… “I have taken thousands of pictures, but they just miss that extra thing in the ones I see professionals taking,”

Are you tired of asking a million questions on facebook photography groups, youtubing everything, and trying to make sense of all your google searching?

We know you set out to run your business not only to have fun, but to help further your personal and family goals.

Sadly, if you can’t get paid what you are worth, master the skill of the camera, or book consistent shoots, your photography business isn’t fun and isn’t making the money you need to achieve your goals.


The Next Level Photographer Mentoring Program will help you gain a marketable skill in photography, establish a viable photo-business, and understand and conquer your limiting beliefs. Say goodbye to amateur photos, low paying clients, inconsistent cash flow, self-doubt, and fear.

  • Develop a skill in photography that people are willing to pay money for again and again. This skill isn’t just about the camera – its also a variety of skills like selling yourself and working with people.
  • Establish a true photography business machine and system that generates consistent income month after month. So many photographers are amazing behind the camera, they just need a few minor tweaks and business system additions to get their business rolling strong.
  • Learn how to set and accomplish BIG life changing goals through accountability and business coaching. Every big goal needs coaching and guidance. There is nothing more powerful than experts helping you each step of the way and giving guidance around each and every challenge and problem that you will encounter.
  • On top of a comprehensive photography and business course, you’ll benefit from limiting belief training that will unlock potential, joy, power and purpose, that’s already inside you.


Here is exactly what you get with the 12-week mentorship:

  • A 400 page, 12 module photography and photo-business course written by Salt & Light, which outlays their entire full time business…( view the extensive outline here: )
  • (12) 30 minute coaching calls with Austin and Rachel.
  • Access to Salt and Light’s proven tools and resources.
  • 24/7 access by email to ask us emergency questions about business decisions or challenges
  • Private FB Group Access


Why trust us? Who is Salt and Light?

Salt & Light Photography has been serving the Kansas City area and beyond, for almost 10 years. Salt & Light was founded by Rachel Holt in 2007, and was later joined by her husband Austin in 2011. Salt & Light photo shoots 25-30 weddings per year, some outside of the continental US, as well as numerous portrait sessions. Their Facebook fan page boasts nearly 5,000 followers.

Rachel grew up with a camera in her hand. She began assisting other professional photographers at the age of 14, and was shooting weddings on her own by age 16.

The culmination of Austin’s personal and professional background has prepared him for professional photography and business mentoring.

Austin’s love of photography and videography stems from his father; a career multimedia editor and producer. Austin grew up around photography and videography, and was even in some Kansas City Chiefs commercials as a young boy.

Austin started his professional career in private music instruction, and has given over 12,000 private music lessons since he was 14. Later, at the age of 18, Austin became licensed in real estate, and eventually became a broker and opened his own firm at the age of 24. Austin’s strengths in business, along with the complexities that come with brokering millions of dollars in real estate, has helped Salt & Light grow over the years by creating leveraged systems(lead generating, marketing, advertising, referral relationships, and more), standard operating procedures, and productivity multipliers.

Both Austin and Rachel are extremely passionate about Salt & Light, their love for people, and teaching others about photography, and how to establish a viable photography business.

This husband and wife photography team is both personable, and fun to be around. It was very important for us to find a photographer or photographers that we can relate to. It’s such a great feeling to explain your “vision” and have the team totally get it, remember it, and run with it to deliver an awesome outcome. They make you feel like the star while putting you at ease in front of the camera. They are able to deliver amazing photos and they make it look easy! I highly recommend doing yourself a favor and booking Salt & Light Photography. ~Jessica Street

Great service, great quality. Went out of their way to take care of me in a pinch. Don’t settle for anything less than Salt and Light. They make it real and they make it right!! ~Gary Welner

All I can say is wow! I have gone to Salt and Light photography for all my photography needs and have never been let down. They go above and beyond and produce beautiful photography and cater to the needs of their clients…..All my friends (and even strangers) marvel over how awesome my wedding photos are! I get compliments over them all the time; and it was all thanks to Salt and Light! I will be going to them again for other photography needs and will always recommend them to other brides to be! ~Courtney Alderton


More client testimonials at:


What are your past students saying?

“I can’t even fathom their diligence, talent, passion, or kindness that I’ve experienced while hanging out underneath their wings. Learning and soaking up every once of knowledge and information they’ve provided to me has been an adventure & blessing.” – Sara Adams

“Austin and Rachel have guided us into the perfect mix for our business.  They are the perfect fit if you want to have a mentor that truly puts their clients first and strives to create family like relationships with all.  On several occasions they have gone out of their way to help us in some tough situations on a couple of our shoots.  We put our full trust in them to guide us through this and we followed their instruction to the tee.   We highly recommend this course to anyone that is truly looking to be a serious photographer.  This is a life changer and it pays for itself time and time again.” – Janine McDonald

“This was my ticket to a happy career and life. I have always had an entrepreneur spirit and I love being able to make others happy with my efforts. I jumped at the chance to be mentored by such dynamic and knowledgeable photographers in this industry.” –

“The coaching calls were really nice because it was an accountability thing and I really liked setting goals for myself every week. It’s really nice to have wonderful advice on the other end of the phone, not only on my coaching calls, but even if I just had a question. My favorite things about this course was learning the really hard technical stuff that I wasn’t good at in high school like lighting and certain tricks to make your pictures better.” – Jenna Pittman


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Let’s RE-CAP:

    • A 400 page, 12 module photography and photo-business course written by Salt & Light, which outlays their entire full time business. (Which took 355 hours to construct…..view the extensive outline here: ) (I’ve sold JUST this course for $5,000.00 in the past)
    • A (1) hour “Ignition” kick-off call to dial here specific goals and targets. ($350.00)
    • (12) 30 minute coaching calls with Austin and Rachel(I normally charge $175.00 each)
    • Access to Salt and Light’s proven tools, network and resources(Priceless)
    • 24/7 access by email to ask us emergency questions about business decisions or challenges(Priceless…we’ve saved some students from some bad situations!)
    • Private FB Group Access(Priceless)

We’ve put together over $10,000+ dollars worth of direct photography and business guidance for you and because we’re able to deliver this content to you as a PACKAGE, we’re able to price it at a fraction of it’s value. (Fill out our form below to receive pricing!)

We’re going to help you get to where YOU want to be.


It’s time for you to accomplish your goals of becoming a professional photographer and running your own photography business.




Personal note from Austin and Rachel: “We get texts like the one below ALL. THE. TIME. and it seriously makes our day. Imagine how FEW of shoots you would have to book to pay yourself back for the investment of this program.”






What if you are not happy?

We so strongly believe that within the two weeks, you will feel you have more value than what you’ve paid for, we are risking giving you 2 training modules, 2 coaching calls and our starting 1 hour coaching kick off session for free.

If you don’t LOVE our mentoring program within 14 days of purchasing, call or email us and we’ll refund every penny.

You have no reason not to give this a try – if it doesn’t help you achieve your dreams with your photography business we will refund your money.


Hurry! We are only accepting 10 applications and close submissions for each session quickly.




Have more questions?

Q: How do I submit my monthly payments?

A: You will be sent an invoice via email that can be paid by cash, check, or credit/debit card.

Q: Instead of paying monthly, can I pay upfront and receive a discount?

A: Yes – you will receive 10% off the entire year by paying up front.

Q: What is the module process like?

A: Every month, you will receive the next month’s course materials via email. Each module has content to cover, advice, assignments, outside references to check out, and more.

Q: Where do I go to schedule my weekly coaching call?


Q: What happens when I apply?

A: We will review your application, and will respond back to you by the application deadline, if not sooner.


Don’t keep doing the same thing and getting the same results in your photography business.