Mentoring Program Terms


This Agreement, in regards to The Salt and Light Mentoring Program is herein referred to as “S&LMP”  is hereby made by and between Salt and Light Photography, LLC, herein referred to as “S&L” and you, herein referred to as “Applicant” and is as follows:

If Applicant is accepted into the S&LMP, Applicant hereby agrees to the following:

  1. Applicant shall pay the entire advertised price, within the advertised term
  2. You agree to not distribute any of the materials provided to you, including, but not limited to: course materials, module materials, spreadsheets, word documents and emails.
  3. Applicant shall at all times indemnify, defend and hold S&L harmless from all loss, liability, costs, damages and expenses that my occur or be claimed with respect to any person, or persons, resulting from the purchase, use, or application of this website, S&LMP, communications between S&L and Applicant, as well as any of the provided materials and resources given to Applicant by S&L.

This Agreement represents the entire agreement between S&L and Applicant.