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We love people, weddings, and capturing them timelessly through our photos; wedding and engagement photography is the culmination of our greatest passions. We’ve dedicated our lives to honoring and serving others through what we do here at Salt & Light.

Aside from delivering you the photos, care, and experience you deserve, a photographer plays a vitally important, and intimate role in your wedding day. Because of this, it’s incredibly important to us to make sure we’re working with the right couples, and for this reason, we do not accept every wedding opportunity that’s presented to us.

Also, you deserve the right photographer for you; this is why we require an in-person consultation before committing to you and your special day. As much as we want you to be the right fit for us, we want to be the right fit for you.

In fact, we invite each couple we serve over to our home sometime before their wedding day and enjoy a meal together, just to continue cultivating our relationship with them, so that by the time their wedding day comes around, we’re more than their photographers, but also their friends.

If you believe we could be the right fit, let’s have a conversation. Then, we’ll set a time to enjoy a cup of coffee or tea together and talk about your special day.

Fill out our form below and you will be contacted as soon as possible.

Our wedding packages begin at  $4,700.00 and include everything a bride & groom deserves for their wedding day. Additional options and further customization is available as well. 


[Phone]: 816.214.0117