Have you ever wanted to give a fantastic, over-the-top, and passionate gift to your husband?

“My husband was absolutely blown away – he had no idea these types of photos even existed! The look on his face was priceless.” – A very happy Client.


Have you ever wanted to give a gift that says “I, in every way, am only, truly yours?”

 I could NOT be more happy with my decision to do this! From her reassuring, kind-hearted, emails, to working with her that day.. my experience could not have been more wonderful!” – A very happy bride-to-be


If you answered yes to one or both of the above, keep reading…

So you might wonder, “What is Boudoir Photography?” (pronounced bü-dwär) They are FUN, sexy, and tasteful photos of you, usually given as a wedding, anniversary or Valentine’s gift to your man. (Although a “just because” gift will always drop his jaw, too!) Through the entire process, Rachel takes every care in making sure you are comfortable, relaxed, and feel like the most gorgeous woman in the world, confident in the wonderful, thoughtful gift you’re giving to the one you love. (For more information on the shoot, what to wear, what the expect, etc, please visit our F.A.Q(Frequently Asked Questions) section at the bottom of this page!)

A boudoir session with Rachel is an investment because she puts an enormous amount of care into the session, post-production, and most importantly, your privacy and security. None of your photos will ever go online, unless you give her specific permission to use a few very tasteful ones, such as the image seen below. You control every aspect of privacy for your photos, because you deserve to feel completely comfortable and at ease about the shoot and your photos. The photos are kept on a government-security level hard drive(made by, stored inside a fireproof, vault-style safe, and only edited on a computer not connected to the internet.


 “Boudoir with Rachel is SO much fun. Rachel and Kiley from Salon de Crist create such a perfect and comfortable “girls night out” atmosphere that as soon as the first picture was snapped, every single nervous feeling melted away and I had a blast! Everything is handled very professionally and Rachel makes it clear that your privacy is her number one concern. I feel a new sense of confidence and beauty after having these photos done. I adore my images and I can not wait to surprise my husband with them at Christmas!” ~ Mrs. C


A personal note from Rachel:


If you don’t book your boudoir session with me, please remember this: Do NOT book with someone who does not take your privacy seriously. Cheap boudoir sessions are cheap for a reason. If you don’t book with us, please book with someone who takes you, and their responsibilities to you seriously.


Boudoir with Rachel begins at an investment of $1,500 – Contact her for more information.


For more sample images, or to book your session, contact Rachel at // 816.214.0117 // or fill out this easy form:



Don't take my word for it, ask our past clients!


"When I got the email from Rachel about the upcoming Boudoir Marathon.. I read it, read it again.. hesitated. Then I hit reply. Rachel covered every little detail with me. She gave me all of the information I had requested about this awesome service she provides. She even shared resources with me that eased my mind about Christians doing Boudoir! I could NOT be more happy with my decision to do this! From her reassuring, kind hearted, emails, to working with her that day.. my experience could not have been more wonderful! Rachel is such a blessing to work with. All your nerves melt away. No awkwardness, no judgement, no wondering. Rachel is a genuine person, who simply wants to help ladies see themselves as beautiful and wonderful as their man does! I could not be happier with the way my pictures turned out! I am so excited to share them with my soon to be husband! " ~Miss Soon-To-Be Mrs.


"I signed up for Rachel's first Boudoir Marathon even though I was absolutely terrified of doing it... The main problem with doing it at this time of life was the fact that eleven months prior I had just given quadruplets! When I emailed Rachel to sign up, I was half hoping she would say she couldn't work with me since I don't have the ideal body type anymore. When she emailed back, she calmed my fears by letting me know that she could most certainly work with me--and around my tummy--to help me give my husband an awesome birthday gift.
All I can say is that Rachel is INCREDIBLE! I walked into the photo shoot shaking with nervousness, but within five minutes of her camera coming out and with her gentle coaching and compliments, I felt comfortable and sexy! Then I got my photos back. Oh my word! I couldn't believe it! I was hoping for a few decent images, but she managed to get 100 awesome photos of me. She is such an amazing photographer and my stretched out tummy isn't even noticeable....she managed to work around it and make me look like a *gasp!* model! Anyone who is looking for a Boudoir Shoot should definitely consider using Rachel as their photographer. She is professional but very fun and definitely is an artist with her subjects. Seriously, ask to see her portfolio! I bet you can't pick out the quad mom from the photos she shows you...she's just that good!"  -A Delighted Mrs.


"{They} are absolutely breath taking without showing "too much". In the shot I love the most, I could hardly believe it was me!" -A Delighted Mrs.


For more sample images, or to book your session, contact Rachel at // 816.214.0117 // or fill out this easy form:




Question: What do I wear?

Answer: Typically something only your husband sees you in; something sexy, something fun, but we do require you wear something(I do not do any nude photography, though I do allow "implied nude", where your hands, or a prop are covering areas of your body).


Question: Do I pose myself, or do you pose me?

Answer: Yes and yes! Just like any shoot with Salt and Light, we start posing you, but are open for your ideas and suggestions. Usually you will do something completely unintentional, and I'll say, "Stay there! You look amazing!" Keeping the photos as natural and true to you is very important to me!


Question: Isn't it kind of awkward?

Answer: A lot of women anticipate feeling a bit awkward or nervous, but part of my passion is making you feel beautiful and at ease. I've been on the other side of that camera and know exactly how you feel. I promise we'll have a great time, and you will leave feeling confident and excited! (See the testimonies above.)


Question: Are my pictures secure?

Answer: Yes, very secure. As mentioned above, your photos will never be placed online, and are stored on a government-level hard drive, inside a vault-style safe, and are only edited on a computer not connected to the internet. We take privacy and security very, very seriously.


Question: What if I have stretch marks, acne, or I'm currently not in shape?

Answer: Though you are beautiful regardless of any of the above, I will re-touch the photos to reduce the appearances of things like stretch marks and acne, unless you say otherwise. As far as not being in shape, I always take photos that compliment your body shape, and size, no matter what type God has blessed you with!


Question: How much editing do you do? I still want to look like myself.

Answer: My goal is to bring out the best in you, not turn you into something you're not. If you're looking for someone to photoshop the heck out of your body, you've come to the wrong place. However, I think you will be very pleased with the outcome knowing how truly beautiful you are! Trust me, you'll see it and feel it!


For more sample images, or to book your session, contact Rachel at // 816.214.0117 // or fill out this easy form: